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Piezosurgery is a technique which utilizes ultrasound waves to affect the same cutting function for which drills and burrs are used. This method of cutting through hard tissue without damaging the surrounding soft tissue affords greater comfort for our patients during periodontal surgery or when extracting loose teeth. Dr. Charles McBrayer also performs Piezo surgery for greater accuracy when placing dental implants. To learn more about how Piezo applications impact extraction and dental implant cost in Hixson, TN, schedule a consultation with Dr. McBrayer.

Applications for Piezosurgery

• Crown lengthening procedures generally involve the removal of bone. This technique allows Dr. McBrayer to pinpoint bone while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.
• Periodontal infection can result in a roughening of the tooth surface and treatment may include a smoothing of the bone.
• Extraction of loose teeth is facilitated with this method as Piezosurgery improves the likelihood of removing loose teeth without fracturing the structure.
• Dental implants are placed directly into the jaw bone which requires Dr. McBrayer to bore into the bone.

Piezosurgery minimizes swelling and bleeding due to reduced trauma to the soft tissue. In a traditional dental surgery for the treatment of periodontal disease, for example, the incision made into the gums and the subsequent sutures that are necessary to complete the procedure can cause gum recession. This gum recession can measure up to 15 millimeters. With Piezosurgery, Dr. McBrayer can incorporate an ultrasound wave device to protect your soft tissue. This greatly reduces healing times as well as discomfort post-surgery.

Ask Dr. McBrayer if you are a good candidate for Piezosurgery when you visit our office to learn about extracting loose teeth or dental implant cost in Hixson, TN. Piezosurgery is a safe, convenient method to replace the traditional cutting tools of dentistry and improve your dental experience.

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