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Sinus Lift in Hixson, TN

Sinus Lift in Pleasant View, UTA sinus lift is a procedure used to augment the bone of your upper jaw. To accommodate the addition of the bone, the sinuses must be lifted. Though not necessary for every patient who is considering replacing missing teeth, the procedure is generally performed by Dr. Charles McBrayer in preparation for the placement of dental implants for Chattanooga, TN who do not have sufficient bone volume.

What to Expect When Having a Sinus Lift

Dr. McBrayer will first determine the source of the donor tissue, whether an autogenous graft where the material is taken from your own body or from an outside source. An autogenous graft requires a second surgical site but decreases the likelihood that your body will reject the graft.

During the sinus lift procedure, Dr. McBrayer will make an incision in the back of your upper jaw to gain visibility and access to the bone. Your sinus membrane is moved away from your jaw and the donor tissue for your bone graft is placed in its place. Dr. McBrayer will close with sutures and the newly placed bone will integrate with your existing bone over the course of the next few months.

Who Needs A Sinus Lift?

• Patients who are replacing missing teeth but do not have enough bone density for Dr. McBrayer to place the posts of the dental implants.
• Those whose sinus is located too close to the jaw bone to allow for safe implantation.
• Patients who have neglected replacing missing teeth for an extended period of time and have experienced bone deterioration as a result.

Most patients will only learn that they need a sinus lift during a consultation for dental implants for Chattanooga, TN. If you have been considering replacing missing teeth with dental implants, contact our office for a comprehensive examination. Dr. McBrayer can discuss all of your available tooth restoration options with you.

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