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Gum Grafting in Hixson, TN

Gum Grafting in Pleasant View, UTIn advanced stage of periodontal disease, your gums may appear to shrink down, making the teeth seem longer. This can result in tooth sensitivity and greater risk of decay. Healthy gums act as a barrier to bacteria and should be restored quickly to protect your teeth and bone. Dr. Charles McBrayer offers gum grafting procedures to restore the function and appearance of your receding gums.

What is Gum Grafting?

In a gum grafting procedure, Dr. McBrayer harvests donor tissue from a site within your mouth and uses it to cover an exposed tooth, stitching the donor tissue into place. The donor tissue then integrates with the gums at the treatment site, during the healing process. There are three types of gum grafting techniques: connective-tissue, free gingival, and pedicle.

The method recommended by Dr. McBrayer to correct receding gums depends largely upon the amount of gum tissue each patient has available to use as donor tissue. For example, pedicle grafting utilizes the gum tissue that surrounds the exposed tooth root and therefore, would only be performed on a patient with ample gum tissue. Conversely, free gingival grafts are used for patients with thin gums, taking donor tissue from the roof of the mouth and placing it directly onto the treatment site. Connective-tissue gum grafting is the most commonly performed and uses donor tissue taken from under a flap cut into the roof of the mouth.

Schedule Gum Grafting to Restore Receding Gums

Are you experiencing receding gums? Schedule an appointment with Dr. McBrayer so that he may evaluate your teeth and gums to determine the cause of recession. While receding gums can result due to hormonal changes or a poor brushing routine, the most common cause is periodontal disease. If your gum recession is a result of periodontal disease, he can provide you with the necessary treatment to stop further recession and also restore your gum lines to healthier, more attractive levels with gum grafting.

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