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Dental Implants 101 in Hixson, TN

Dental implants have become the recommended tooth restoration method for adults with missing teeth. Due to the way implants are placed, they provide a secure, natural looking replacement for patients who have lost their teeth and for those who have scheduled extractions for their loose teeth. Dr. Charles McBrayer performs the dental implant procedure for Cleveland, TN.

What to Expect From the Dental Implant Procedure

If you have loose teeth, they will be extracted prior to the appointment for dental implants. Dental implants are generally placed with local anesthetic. Dr. McBrayer will begin by numbing the treatment area to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure, which can be performed in roughly an hour. Titanium posts are then placed in your jaw bone that will serve the same function as your tooth root would. These posts fuse with the bone during the healing process, rendering a strong foundation for the permanent abutment and crown that will be placed later.

A temporary must be worn during the osseointegration process, as your bone and gum tissue may adjust their shape while they heal. After your permanent dental crowns are placed, they require no more maintenance than your natural teeth would and can last a lifetime with proper brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups. Dr. McBrayer utilizes BioHorizons dental implants. BioHorizons dental implants have a 99.2 percent rate of success for implantation.

Can Dental Implants Replace Your Loose Teeth?

Extractions are generally considered a last resort. Dr. McBrayer encourages patients to keep any natural teeth that may possibly be saved, but if you have loose teeth or have lost teeth, contact our office to learn more about the dental implant procedure for Cleveland, TN. Dr. McBrayer offers consultation appointments so that you may determine without risk whether dental implants are the right tooth restoration method for you.

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