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Implant Supported Dentures in Hixson, TN


Bar-Retained Dentures

  Implant Supported Dentures in Pleasant View, UT 

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   Implant Supported Dentures in Pleasant View, UT
Dental implants offer the most benefits to those patients who are missing teeth. Implants provide a stable, low-maintenance option that can last a lifetime. However, there are patients who desire these features but find dentures a much more affordable solution. Dr. Charles McBrayer offers a restoration method that combines the advantages of dentures vs. dental implants with implant supported dentures.

For implant supported dentures vs. dental implants, the procedures themselves are similar. Dr. McBrayer first ensures that there is sufficient bone volume and no periodontal disease. If periodontal infection is present then you will need treatment for gum disease in Cleveland, TN. Once the oral environment is healthy, Dr. McBrayer will place titanium posts in your jaw bone. The difference between implant supported dentures vs. dental implants is that with implant supported dentures, three or more dental implants are placed strategically in the areas with the best bone density to hold the dentures while bearing the impact of the chewing function.

The implant posts will fuse with the bone over time, yielding a solid base for your dentures.

Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

• No more ineffective dental adhesives.
• Eat your favorite foods with less diet restrictions.
• Improve confidence by knowing your dentures will stay secure.
• Stabilizes your bone volume levels.

If you already have dentures, you may still consider implant supported dentures vs. dental implants as Dr. McBrayer may be able to retrofit your existing dentures, saving you more money. Next time you visit our office for your treatment for gum disease in Cleveland, TN, ask about a consultation for implant supported dentures or call now to schedule.


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