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Dental Implants in Hixson, TN

Doctors have been replacing missing teeth with dental implants for decades. Implants are a safe and successful tooth restoration method that can restore one tooth or all of your teeth with a beautiful, natural appearance. They function similar to your own teeth and offer stability and dependability, while preserving bone health. Dr. Charles McBrayer recommends dental implants for Chattanooga, TN, because they provide patients a higher quality of life than the removable, impermanent restoration methods.

When you are considering replacing missing teeth, you have several options, the majority of which, however, rely upon either dentures or dental implants. With dentures, you may get partial or full, and perhaps fixed or removable. Dental implants may be placed singly or can be utilized to support a dental bridge or anchor your dentures into place. Dental implants are by far, the most versatile method of replacing missing teeth and have the added benefit of stabilizing bone levels. This is a result of the titanium post used in dental implants for Chattanooga, TN. The post serves the function of your tooth root, stimulating the bone and halting the bone degradation process that begins when a tooth is lost.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Most adults are good candidates for replacing missing teeth with this method, although it is crucial that the oral environment be healthy for a successful implantation.

• The presence of periodontal disease will require treatment before undergoing this procedure.
• Sufficient amounts of bone are required for the integration of the implant. Patients who have low bone density may need bone grafting before having this procedure for replacing missing teeth.
• Dental implants cannot be placed in young people. The facial structure must be completely matured before dental implants can be performed.

To find out more about dental implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. McBrayer.

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